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Africa, Wild Savannah

nature / sciences / exposition / Muséum / animal / art / Afrique / paysage / savane / sauvage / braconnage / histoire / écosystème

4 february 2020 - 4 décember 2020

A true exploration through the unusual landscapes of Africa's wildlife, the exhibition offers different spaces and reveals both the beauty of the savannah and the horror of poaching.

Africa, Wild Savannah is a key element of the permanent "Discover the World" itinerary. The aim is to shed light on how the Bordeaux collections were built up through the commercial activity of the port of Bordeaux. Ship owners, sailors and missionaries have brought back numerous specimens that have served to describe the Living.

Savannah... stretching as far as the eye can see... baking sun... and suddenly lion, giraffe or rhinoceros, some of the large mammals that populate the common imagination of the whole planet. The African savannas, grassy or wooded, are exceptional biotopes where wild nature still exists but is under serious threat. Focuses present the behaviour of this great fauna: food chains, coexistence without competition, seasonal migrations, survival strategies. The exhibition highlights the impact of human activities on these ecosystems, whose equilibrium may be threatened.

Agriculture, human expansion, hunting, poaching and the illegal trade in animals are all practices that must be changed to preserve these natural treasures.

The Museum of Bordeaux displays its collections of specimens of species emblematic of this African savannah, supplemented by loans from the museums of Nancy and Montauban. The immersive journey through Africa, wild savannah, leads to both wonder and reflection.

The first part of the exhibition is devoted to African ecosystems. The different components that come into play in the cycle of nature are presented: geography, climate, the alternation of seasons, the importance of water on this continent. It also sheds light on the behaviour of this great emblematic fauna: food chain, coexistence without competition, migration, survival strategies.

Agriculture, industry, but also hunting, poaching and illegal trade in animals are all human activities that threaten the balance of these ecosystems. Shouldn't we consider changing certain practices both to slow down their effects and to preserve these natural treasures and the species and human populations that depend on them?

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  • Gratuit jusqu'au 31 août 2020


Muséum de Bordeaux - sciences et nature
5 place Bardineau 33000 Bordeaux
33000 Bordeaux

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