"Not many places for them to congregate, but a city with lots of homosexuals," best sums up the gay scene in Bordeaux. With its attractive pedestrianised shopping precinct, superb cuisine, lovely quays, and rich cultural life, Bordeaux is so beautiful that gays simply cannot resist!


That's why there are so many there, even if they tend to keep a low profile. Gays meet and flirt with one another in various places, from the Jardin Public to the Esplanade Charles de Gaulle, from the Quai des Marques to the Quai des Sports, and from the Bois de Thouars to the Bois de Bordeaux… And make no mistake about it: the Bordelais may seem stand-offish and unsociable, but that is just a front...

The gay community enjoys frequenting restaurants in the Saint Pierre district – either chic or kitsch, but affordable and always gay-friendly. This includes restaurants such as the Parlement des Graves, the Parlement d'Italie, Tante Charlotte, Les Voûtes, and the Jacomo, that never seems to go out of fashion. Not far from there are several bars appreciated by gays: L'Azuli, the Marikita, and the Trou Duck. Gays tend to gravitate around these locations, as well as Place Camille Julian and the Utopia art house cinema. 

They buy their clothing at boutiques on Cours de l’Intendance and the rue Sainte Catherine (Bordeaux's main shopping street), and possibly at Adonis Lingerie before going to the Hôtel Acanthe, an accommodation gay friendly.

More mature members of the community go to cruising bars like L'Ours Marin, the Buster, and the Sous-Marin. And party animals who want to dance all night long will feel right at home at the Stéréo Club!