A team trained and certified WSET – Level II for a QOS always pushed further!  

Bordeaux Metropole Tourist board has decided to invest in the training of its team members in order to offer the best advisory service to the tourists! This initiative has also received a great support from the Aquitaine Region in regards to the staff training plan implemented.


Both settled in the Cité du Vin facilities and Bordeaux Tourist Board’s ones, our agents specialized in wine tourism are available to explain into details all the treasures and specificities related to Bordeaux vineyards. On 2016, Bordeaux Tourist board has decided to move a step further in the qualification of his teams regarding worldwide wine knowledge. To achieve this goal, all the team went through the WSET –Level II training and passed the grade successfully which does guarantee proper skills in international wine and spirit expertise! The subjects covered were very diversified such as ampelography, wine culture, wine making process, ageing process but also more playful aspects such as food and wine pairing, wine waiting and other aspects applied to the worldwide vineyards.

Trained by WINEVOX, a company from Bordeaux which specializes into training sessions applied to the wine and spirit sector, Bordeaux Tourism teams have benefited at best from the 3 –days’ schooling session they’ve been delivered.

Responding to La Cité du Vin opening on 2016, it was the right moment to add the international wine knowledge skills to our competency panel and ensure our team could answer best to our international visitors. The Cité du Vin has been thought to deliver an innovative experience through wine cultures and civilizations with one central value: its universality. Then the wine tourism agents based there needed to be able to answer questions regarding worldwide vineyards, and the WSET – Level II was a great way to achieve it.

From training to field application!

Xavier, wine tourism agent at Bordeaux Tourist Board desk, has accepted to share with us a field anecdote further to its WSET II training:

“An American visitor from Napa valley region has come to the desk seeking accurate information related to Bordeaux wine estates that he could visit in one morning. His interest was turned to wines presenting a full body, powerful with a high level of tannins but keeping an appreciable freshness. He was keen on “toasted” wines which went through a barrel ageing process and wanted to discover the great Bordeaux cab-sav.”

Xavier confirmed that the training helped him answering more accurately to this type of requests regarding the notions of terroirs and grape varieties. It helped him to express the tasting particularities of each wines produced in the different areas of the vineyards. Thanks to those elements, he then redirected his interlocutor to the two Bordeaux wine regions producing the most powerful wines with the greatest level of tannins and presenting a full body, that is to say Médoc and Pessac Leognan wines, well known for their high proportion of cabernet sauvignon included in the blend.



A professionally gratifying certification!

Besides its relevance to advise at best the visitors, the WSET II grade is clearly a great value added that can at least constitute an asset for their career and in some cases even be a career booster. Indeed this label is a reputed brand for a long time now on the Anglo-Saxon markets and it is highly developing in France. To illustrate it, Camille, one of our wine tourism agents at Bordeaux Tourist board, mentioned the training as one exercise that contributed to the well-being of the team combining business with pleasure.