F.A.Q Bordeaux CityPass  

Here are the answers to the questions that are frequently asked concerning the use of  the BORDEAUX METROPOLE CITYPASS.


How does it work? 

Bordeaux Métropole Citypass is a contactless card that is used simply by placing the card in front of the appropriate reader either on public transport or at the attractions included. This product is reserved for use by individual customers. The card expires at the end of the year 2019.    

Where can I buy a CityPass?

  • -in the Bordeaux Tourist Office welcome desks EXCEPT at La Cité du Vin
  • -in the Tbm urban transport branches
  • -online, then choose to collect your CityPass at the Tourist Office (no extra charge) or to have it delivered to your home address (additional charge)

What is included in the City Pass?

  • -Urban public transport (tramway, bus, river shuttle-boat, Park and Ride)
  • -Entry to La Cité du Vin before midday with access to the permanent attraction and the belvedere. 5€ additional charge for entry after midday
  • -Entry to main museums and monuments
  • -1 guided tour of the city
  • -1 round-trip on a double-decker bus.
  • -Use of the Assistant Bordeaux app.
  • + many special offers

How do I activate my CityPass?

By holding it up to the appropriate card-reader upon first use, either on urban transport or at one of our partner attractions.

For how long is my card valid?

As long as the card is not activated, it is valid until 31/12/2019. The card expires after this date. Remember to use the card before the end of the year 2019!

From when is my CityPass activated?

The length of time that the CityPass is active is calculated automatically from its first use on public transport, in museums or at monuments. The card is valid for 24, 48 or 72 consecutive hours. For example, if you scan a 24 hour pass at 2pm on a Friday, it will be valid until 2pm on Saturday.

How much do I save when I buy a Bordeaux Métropole CityPass?

To calculate how much you save, you can look at the normal costs of transport and entry to our various partner attractions and compare.

Does my card bear a name?

No, you can buy one and give it to someone. On the other hand, you must buy one card per person. Only the buyer is known thanks to the information given during the purchase of the card.

Which transport is included?

Unlimited use of the whole Tbm network for the length of time purchased: all 3 tramlines, all urban buses, the river shuttle Bat³, all park and rides. You can take the n°1 bus line from or to Bordeaux Mérignac Airport.

There is no public transport on 1st May. The airport shuttle and Transgironde buses do not accept the CityPass.

Can I use my CityPass for the Park and Ride?

Yes, parking for the whole day in a Park and Ride is included in your CityPass, just like the tram, bus and Bat³. At the entrance to the Park and Ride, scan your card on the reader to open the barrier, and the same action is required when leaving the car park.

The Park and Ride car parks are open from 5am to 1am. Parking is prohibited outside of these hours.

Do I have to reserve a place on certain tours?

Yes, as soon as you arrive you can reserve your guided tour of the city at the Bordeaux Tourist Office welcome desk upon presentation of your CityPass. You may also buy a ticket for a river cruise or for a guided tour of the vineyards at a preferential rate.

Is it possible to visit the same attraction several times?

No, you may only access each attraction included in your CityPass once. On the other hand, you have unlimited access to urban public transport for 24, 48 or 72 consecutive hours as soon as the card is activated.

How do I enjoy the aforementioned special offers?

When buying your tickets for the river cruises and the guided tours of the vineyards, select the CityPass tariff. The reduction will be applied automatically. You will need to show your CityPass on the day. For all other places, you will receive a preferential price upon presentation of your card.

Are the attractions open to the public throughout the year?

Yes, the vast majority of attractions remain open, however some close during winter. In order to avoid disappointment and to better prepare for your stay, we advise that you refer to the accompanying guide for your CityPass or that you call the Tourist Office where we can give you the best advice.

Which are the dates of French public holidays in 2018 ?

January 1, April 17, May 1, May 8, May 25, July 14, August 15, November 1, November 11, December 25

Does the 72 hour CityPass have more advantages?

Yes, it allows you to visit the surroundings of Bordeaux with free or cheaper tours of emblematic sites outside of the city centre, many of which are UNESCO World Heritage listed or are representative of the wine industry. Transport is not included (mettre le lien vers les alentours).

Is there a different price for children, students or senior citizens?

No, the 3 CityPass options have a set price. Children often enjoy free entry or reduced prices at the attractions included in the offer. Ask on-site.

We are in a group, can we use the CityPass? 

No, this product is reserved for individuals. The CityPass is not adapted to groups. The Bordeaux Tourist Office provides a special service for groups and it will be our pleasure to create an itinerary that is adapted to your needs.

Please contact e.bouillon@bordeaux-tourisme.com or c.guerin@bordeaux-tourisme.com

Can I receive my CityPass at my home address?

Yes, with an additional fee. When buying online, simply tick the box for envoi à domicile/home delivery; the address given will be the delivery address. Anticipate enough time for delivery. If you are not sure of having enough time, we advise you to collect your CityPass at the Tourist Office upon your arrival.

After buying online, where do I collect my CityPass?

If you buy your CityPass online, you can pick up your CityPass at any of the Bordeaux Tourist Office welcome desks EXCEPT at la Cité du Vin (voir la liste des bureaux d’accueil/see the list of welcome desks). You will be asked for your voucher. You have until the end of the year to use your CityPass.

My trip has been cancelled and I have already received my CityPass; can I be reimbursed?

No, you can keep your card and use it another time before the end of the year or give it to a friend or relative to enjoy.

If my CityPass is lost or stolen, can I replace it?

No, in case of loss, theft, ill-use or lack of use of the card it can be neither replaced nor reimbursed. If your card should happen not to work at any of our partners (strike, closure due to unforeseen circumstances, etc.) the Bordeaux Tourism Office cannot be held responsible.