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Bordeaux European Best Destination!  

After a fierce competition against 20* giant cities such as London, Rome, Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Bordeaux won the title of "European Best Destination 2015" with a score never achieved. With 42 396 online votes in favor of Bordeaux out of 244 696 (17%), Bordeaux is in first position in front of Lisbon (37,621 votes) followed by Athens.

EBD 2015 - Bordeaux


The key to this success against the striking force of very large destinations? A phenomenal mobilization from day one and throughout this three week online-vote marathon! A record edition with a massive increase in participation (+6%) and voters from 113 different countries to elect the Best European Destination 2015.

According to Maximilien Lejeune, Executive Director of European Best Destination: "this victory is due to the highly energetic promotional team at the Bordeaux Tourist Office as well as powerful communication in social medias and press, partnerships with sports clubs, hotels, restaurants, local and regional authorities, celebrities and… the Bordelais!” Alain Juppé, former French Prime Minister and Mayor of Bordeaux, was also personally involved in this competition.
Winning the European competition, Bordeaux confirms its position as an international destination: a major asset when it comes to convincing American, Chinese, Brazilian or Japanese tour operators.

Bordeaux in the spotlights this year

Thanks to this title, Bordeaux will benefit from powerful media coverage. The city will also be in the spotlights throughout the year on www.europeanbestdestination.org and on all their social networks. A full online article will index up to 200 great tours and addresses in Bordeaux.

EBD* will also promote the 2015 winner to all their partners (travel agencies, tour operators, airlines).

Did you know? The advertising equivalent of such a campaign was estimated at 10 million € and +16% of tourists for Porto, 2014 winner.

*European Best Destination (EBD) is a European organization based in Brussels and aims to promote and develop tourism in Europe.

*The 20 cities in the 2015 competition are: Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Bordeaux, Brussels, Innsbruck, Istanbul, Lisbon, Ljubljana, London, Madrid, Malta, Milan, Paris, Reykjavik, Riga, Rome, Vienne, Zagreb.