Bordeaux features flavours from around the world  

Handing down recipes from generation to generation, Bordelais originally from other countries have always enjoyed preparing dishes from their native land. These are much appreciated by people looking for new taste sensations. Isn't eating foreign dishes a wonderful way of relating to others, even before learning their language or beginning to understand their culture?


Fortunately, thanks to its location and history, the city offers both tourists and native-born Bordelais a window onto the world's various cuisines.

Walking around the city inevitably entails encountering foreign influences:  an Irish pub, a ristorante italiano, etc. Open to all sorts of tastes, the city of Bordeaux has numerous restaurants offering cuisine from all over the world, a nice trattoria from among an impressive choice with, African restaurants where you will enjoy a chicken yassa. In much the same way, you may also want to savour some hot, spicy Mexican cuisine. Other exotic destination for instance, you can go on a virtual trip to China by sampling the excellent Sichuan or Cantonese cuisine available in Bordeaux. That is, unless you would prefer Japan, Brazil (for a delicious churrasco) or, closer to home, Spain or Portugal (the latter two countries' cooking has always been particularly well-represented in Bordeaux). The whole world is at your doorstep in Bordeaux, and there's no need to have your passport stamped...