A stroll among the nature on the right bank of the Garonne can take you to the Botanical Garden’s incredible greenhouses. I had an immersion into some Mediterranean landscapes in the company of Dominique Vivent, the deputy director.



Did you know that the cactus lost their leaves in favour of spines in order to adapt to extreme heat? Learn about how the palm tree isn’t a true tree but a stipe, otherwise known as a large plant which continually blooms upward to give the illusion that it has a trunk…

This is just an idea of the sort of things that you can discover when you visit the greenhouses in the Bordeaux Botanical Gardens.

They have been built in continuity with the outside gardens, sheltered in a contemporary ecological building: a wooden structure, photovoltaic panels, a system that uses rain water for watering the plants… absolutely no chemical treatment is involved and the ladybirds take care of the aphids!

Jardin botanique - photo Benoît Hermet


The animal cries playing in the background and the tropical heat plunge you into various different Mediterranean ambiances.

“We chose these landscapes because they can be found on several continents and they demonstrate the acceleration of phenomena linked to global warming, right up to our latitudes”, states Dominique Vivent, the deputy director of the Botanical Gardens.

Cacti and palm trees aside, several different spaces reveal the biodiversity of South Africa, the United States and Australia, and more… Throughout the experience, there are steel viewfinders which allow visitors to play at being a naturalist in full observation mode.

As much space as possible is left to the vegetation, in dialogue with the architecture. Orange and mandarin trees are, for example, barely pruned, allowing them to create filiform lines that you’d never see in intensive fruit-growing practices.

The tour finishes with carnivorous plants who, without necessarily being mediterranean, are remarkably fascinating; these formidable insect trappers also have flowers with a long stalk for pollinisation, otherwise the species wouldn’t be able to survive!

“Throughout the greenhouses and the adjoining exhibition rooms, we want to make the public aware of what is at stake for diversity, and we want to show Man’s ancient links with plants”, concludes Dominic Vivent.

Jardin botanique rive droite - Photo Thomas Sanson

The Bordeaux Botanical Garden Greenhouses

Esplanade Linné 33100 Bordeaux (Tram A, station Jardin botanique)


  • Open every day from 11am to 6pm, except for Mondays and public holidays
  • Greenhouses: €4 entry, includes tour of the greenhouses and the Botanical Gardens exhibitions.

Free with the Bordeaux CityPass. Access to the Botanical Gardens is free for everyone.