3 pictures, 3 sites, 3 times - Eric B  

My name is Eric Bouloumié. I am a professional photographer specialised in architecture, reporting, and documentaries. Born and raised in Bordeaux, I am constantly rediscovering my city and taking pictures as though I were a tourist exploring it for the first time. I'm going to tell you the story of 3 photos of mine that I especially like.  3 photos, 3 places, 3 moments, 3 stories…


Sunday, 23rd February, 7:20 am

I get up early in order to photograph the first rays of the sun on the Porte de Bourgogne. I know that I needed to be there starting at 7:50 am. After making my final preparations on site, I decide to wait for the sun to rise. So, there I am at one end of the Pont de Pierre, on the left bank, looking towards the right bank and the Pont Saint-Jean. Behind me, I sense the bustle of people setting up their stalls at the Saint Michel market, temporarily located on the quays. The morning fog is still present, but starting to lift when the first colours of dawn appear. I can see the Pont de Pierre, the right bank, the Pont Saint-Jean, a refection off the Garonne, and I only have a few minutes to capture this instant. 7:39 am: I take the photo and am happy that that I have succeeded in immortalising one of those magic moments that Bordeaux offers.

Saturday, 19th October, 2:30 pm

I am in the heart of Bordeaux, wandering around amidst the hustle and bustle of a Saturday afternoon, looking for an image to symbolise this fervour. Now here I am, Place de la Comédie, across from the Grand Théâtre, at the intersection of Rue Saint-Catherine and Cours de l’Intendance. I look at the steps of the Grand Théâtre, and am convinced that this meeting place everyone in Bordeaux knows can be the setting for the picture I hope to take. I immediately see a group of people busy drawing. I go up to them, and am immediately attracted by an illustration representing the end of Place de la Comédie with its street lamp and the beginning of the Allées de Tourny with its merry-go-round. After speaking to the artist for a few minutes, here I am doing my best to take my photo. 2:51 pm: I have it. It is far removed from my initial idea, but very close to the architectural beauty of Bordeaux.

Monday, 14th April, 8:10 pm

Here I am at the miroir d’eau reflecting pool. This is the most photographed location in Bordeaux, and it's not hard to see why! It is a magical place to see and come back to at all times of day! As I'm in the middle of preparing a book on Bordeaux, I absolutely have to have a photo. I know exactly the one I want, and the right time is in one hour. So, I set up my camera and wait patiently for the sun to set.  I need to take my photo within a time frame that that lasts 40 minutes at most, when it's neither really day or night. I hope that everything works out... I know that the reflecting pool has a set cycle: 3 minutes to fill up the pool, 15 minutes to maintain a calm surface, 5 minutes to empty, and 3 minutes of mist. I want my photo to include the following aspects: a midnight blue sky, the reflecting effect (keeping in mind that the best moment is 5 minutes after the pool has emptied), the tramway – and, especially, no one in the photo! 8:55 pm: beginning of the reflecting effect. 9:04 pm: beginning of a midnight blue sky. 9:10 pm: the pool starts to empty... that leaves me 5 minutes in which to take my photo. Luck is on my side, a tram arrives and, just as the passengers are getting off, a car that had been parked for 5 minutes opposite Place de la Bourse leaves. 9:13 pm: there is no one else at the reflecting pool, and I capture the moment – it's just the photo I had imagined.  The reflection of the buildings on Place de la Bourse are all mine!

So, enjoy your visit and I hope you, too, take some good photos! Learn more about Eric