Porte du Médoc  

The jalle stream in Blanquefort that rises to the north of the Landes winds its way between Saint-Médard-en-Jalles and Blanquefort, where it merges through the marshes into the Garonne. 


Cities : Bruges, le Bouscat, Saint-Aubin-de-Médoc, le Taillan-Médoc, Blanquefort, Eysines et Parempuyre


Here the countryside is often divided up between vineyards, market gardening zones and the nearby forest. The historical heritage is nevertheless very rich, as witnessed by the bewitching grottoes at Majolan, the medieval ruins of Blanquefort fortress, formerly the stronghold of the powerful Dufort family, and the picturesque Chateau Dulamon, built in 1869 by the peanut prince and wholesaler, Joseph Prom.

Alongside the jalle the 262 hectare Marais de Bruges, a national natural marshland reserve, is crisscrossed with canals and ponds where herons, storks, mallards, teal and black-headed gulls can be found. Nor is it rare to encounter coypus there, brought back from South America in the 19th century.

19th century chateaux and chartreux-style residences with vast gardens open onto large green clearings and herald the proximity of the Médoc, one of the most prestigious wine-growing regions in the world.

Installed in a stunning location, the Château de la Dame Blanche, situated in the middle of 35 hectares of vineyards, produces wines of rare quality with the appellation cru bourgeois supérieur Haut-Médoc.

On the banks of the Garonne, the Chateau de Grattequina, built on an island in 1872, cuts a proud figure with its high stone base designed as a rampart against the whims of the river.