Ouest Atlantique  

The forest of the Landes de Gascogne stretches along the horizon as far as the eye can see. The maritime pine forest is nearby, as are the vineyards with the Pique Cailloux and Luchey-Halde growths, forming part of the prestigious Pessac-Léognan appellation.
Cities : Saint-Médard-en-Jalles, Martignas-sur-Jalle, Mérignac, et Le Haillan


The Atlantic Ocean is barely 40 kms away. On windy days you can smell the sea tang on the breeze. During the 20th century this suburban area was the natural extension of the city of Bordeaux. Although densely constructed suburbs sprang up in the 20th century, the old well-to-do domains nevertheless left some fine green spaces for the communes (e.g. the Burck woods at Mérignac).

We can discover the veritable ecological treasure houses of the semi-urban forests of Saint-Médard-en-Jalle and Martignas simply by following the signposted pathways. And the monumental heritage is not lacking. The Fontaines d'Arlac remind us how drinking water had to be conveyed to the centre of Bordeaux in the 18th century.

The front elevation of the beautiful country house known as the Maison Carrée at Arlac is reminiscent of the White House in Washington. Four centuries earlier, the Goth family built the feudal chateau at Veyrines, of which only a square tower still stands. The baroque Gaudi-inspired architecture of Bordeaux airport's control tower confirms and symbolizes the city's openness to the world. 

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